About us

We are Clare & James, a young Australian couple travelling the world whilst living the 9-5 lifestyle.


About Clare:

James and I first started dating in 2009. I had always wanted a gap year and after researching my options, I decided to do something slightly different to my friends and do volunteering project. I turned 18, and 3 days later flew to Nepal for 4 weeks on my first solo journey! Coming from what would be classified as a rather sheltered private school background, Nepal really opened up my eyes to the rest of the world. I came home, kept working and started saving for my next adventure! Over the next four years I completed my bachelors degree, travelling during the summer holidays each year. This proved to be a wonderful way to see the world, although it did leave me broke by the time I went back to University each year! I now work as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and absolutely love it.

About James:

I’ve always been an adventurous person seeking new experiences and creating memories. Although I’d travelled within Australia extensively my first overseas trip was with Clare to Bali, which really got me hooked on overseas travel. The excitement of immersing yourself in new cultures and locations is unlike anything else, and it truly changes you as a person. When not traveling, I improve the health and fitness of people with chronic conditions and injuries as an Exercise Physiologist, and I am also an avid entrepreneur with a mobile detailing company and an on-line automotive parts business. These are the things I must do to keep being able to fulfil my travel dreams!


Although our current jobs restrict our passion for travel more than they used to, we still travel and blog as much as possible. We are determined to prove that you can see the world without becoming a digital nomad – we are doing it whilst still holding down our 9-5 lifestyle with a job, home and family. Travelling this way has also mean’t that we have started doing more trips closer to home. It turns out that we never gave our own country quite enough credit for it’s beauty! Travel is a true passion of ours – it’s an incredible feeling being able to experience new places, eat exciting food and immerse ourselves in different cultures!

 Last stop: Japan

Currently in: Geelong, Australia

Next stop: USA!

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