Botswana, Zimbabwe

Overlanding in Africa: Part 5 – Chobe National Park to Victoria Falls

The next and final leg of the trip was from Chobe National Park to Victoria Falls. This part of our trip turned out to have an expected twist! We arrived back at our Kasane camp in the morning after spending the night in Chobe National Park and quickly transferred all our things to our truck before making our way to the border. Our group went into passport control and everyone was stamped out of Botswana, however after getting back to the truck we realised that Jacques our driver was still looking for his passport… He looked for it for around an hour before Line (our tour leader) decided to put us on the Nairobi truck to get us to the Zimbabwe border post so that we could start our visa process over there. It put quite a dampner on this part of the trip as we had all grown to love Jacques and now we had to say an unexpected goodbye! We ended up going all the way to Victoria Falls on the Nairobi truck with our truck not far behind. In case you were wondering, it turns out Jacques had left his passport at the Namibia-Botswana border crossing when he’d gone to the toilet…


Victoria Falls from one of the first viewpoints

Unfortunately for the first 2 days of my time in Victoria Falls it rained quite a bit but that didn’t stop me! The falls themselves were breathtaking, a photo really doesn’t do them justice. The first time I saw them I went with a friend and we were in a bit of a rush as we had booked a massage for later that night – we walked the first half of the falls, took loads of pictures then had to rush off. Unfortunately it was quite late in the day so there was lots of mist and it was quite cloudy. However, the second time I saw the falls I saw them properly and they were truly impressive and a lot clearer! One very cool thing is that the whole area is its own little rainforest microclimate – a refreshing break from the heat of Victoria Falls town!


Victoria Falls from one of the last viewpoints

For my second day in Victoria Falls I decided to go rafting with 4 other people from the truck. It was incredible! I’ll admit it was definitely hard work at times however it was so worth it and we were the only raft that didn’t tip. We paddled through every bit of whitewater, did the hard routes when we had a choice and what made it even better was that it was the second last day we could do the course as it was becoming too dangerous!



One thing I really wanted to do in Victoria Falls was walk with lions. These animals were so beautiful and it felt great to be back with the lions again. I felt very comfortable with and in awe of these incredible animals, however I was a bit worried about the treatment of them and the experience was very structured and touristy which was a bit disappointing. It was very overpriced as well – $130AUD for 2 minutes of contact with the lions and about 20 minutes of watching them with 10 other people. In saying that, it was still worth it but I just hope that they treat the lions with respect behind the scenes!


Walking with lions – not the most flattering photo though!

My final night in Africa was spent in a lovely hotel where I could spread out all of my things, watch television, have my own bathroom, swim in a pool and have a buffet breakfast – such luxury! My experience in Africa was such an amazing one and I will go back one day, I just need to save up the money again!!

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