Botswana, Namibia

Overlanding in Africa: Part 3 – Divundu to the Okavango Delta

Divundu was out last stop in Namibia and was really just a place to sleep that was close to the Botswana border! The next day (day 9) we crossed the border into Botswana and drove south-east for the whole day in order to reach Maun – the gateway to the Okavango Delta! 


Sunset over the Okavango Delta
The 2 night/3 day excursion into the Delta is listed as optional on most overlanding itineraries (and is an extra $160USD) however it is totally worth it and you would be an idiot not to do it! In fact, our tour leaders didn’t even give us a choice in the matter. Unless someone has a legitimate reason for not going they always make everyone go – you can’t go to Botswana and not go to the Delta! 
We started our trip mid-morning and by lunch time we had been poled in our Mokoros all the way to our campsite within the Delta. The mokoro trip itself was really quite peaceful – the Mokoros are relatively slow and surprisingly stable however our Poler was unfortunately extremely slow and quite unstable…


Poling through the waterways
We went on our first nature walk that afternoon – it was still quite hot so it wasn’t the most relaxing of walks however we saw a few Zebra, lots of birds and plenty of animal tracks.


Zebras at dusk on our nature walk
Our second day in the Delta involved a lot of doing nothing! We got up at 4.30am to go on a nature walk however it was freezing and raining… 4 of us decided to go on the proposed nature walk and 4 did not (I was in the latter group!). The rain went away around 8am and the rest of the day was spent lounging around our swimming pool area, playing games, reading and eating. I should explain the swimming pool – this pool was an area in the river about 20m from camp that had previously been home to a group of hippos. It was deemed safe to swim in because once a hippo marks an area as his territory, no other hippos or crocodiles will ever go into that area – we weren’t sure how legit that story was but hey, we didn’t see any hippos or crocs while swimming! That evening we went on a ‘sunset cruise’ and watched the sun set over the river which was very beautiful.


Our sunset cruise

We were woken early on day 3 for a quick nature walk – we walked for around 2 hours but unfortunately didn’t see a single animal! We left the delta mid-morning and arrived back at our mainland campsite in time for lunch. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and making use of the free wifi! The next part of the trip was definitely the highlight for me – Chobe National Park.

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