Overlanding in Africa: Part 2 – Etosha National Park to Divundu

Etosha National Park is the wildlife haven of Namibia and it definitely did not disappoint!
After being on the move for the past few days with the pure aim being to get from one campsite to the next, Etosha National Park was a really lovely break. We arrived at our campsite just outside Andersons gate around lunchtime then at about 3pm we went for our first game drive in the Park. This drive was just a quick introductory one but we did see a few animals – mainly just birds and antelope species.


Springbok in Etosha on our first game drive

Our second day in Etosha was definitely more eventful than the previous afternoon! We drove for around 3 hours in the morning then stopped for lunch before driving again for around 4 hours in the afternoon. On our drives we saw many antelope species (including oryx, dik dik, springbok and impala), a few interesting birds, buffalo, wildebeest, zebras and giraffes…


A secretary bird on the grassy plains of Etosha
The first Giraffes we saw

…However the highlight was definitely seeing a black rhino and a white rhino sitting under a tree together (that I spotted, just by the way!) with a baby black rhino grazing a few meters away. We also saw 2 cheetahs stalking a herd of springbok which was very exciting – we watched them for about an hour but unfortunately they just sat and stared at the springbok the whole time!


A white rhino – a very, very rare sighting!
Two cheetahs stalking their prey – now you see how well they camouflage into their surroundings!

We also drove around the Etosha Pan on our second day which is a 4730km2 pan that covers 21% of the national park. It was an incredible sight – endless nothing for as far as we could see! It was also the perfect place to take some cool photos of everyone.


Endless nothing…
Taking cool photos on the pan!

After an exhausting couple of days (it’s very tiring concentrating on looking for wildlife all day!) we settled down at camp and watched a very beautiful sunset. The drive to Divundu the next day was very long however the campsite made it worth it – it was down by a river so we could see and hear the hippos swimming all night!


Sunset at Namutoni camp in Etosha National Park
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